Seletar Airport in Singapore

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What is Aeroport Seletar de Singapour, Aéroport Seletar de Singapour, Seletar Airport, WSSL, XSP, frwdgah sltr, sereta kong gang, shi li da ji chang, فرودگاه سلتر, セレター空港, 實里達機場?
Answer: Seletar Airport is airfield (spot, building, farm), a place on land where aircraft land and take off, no facilities provided for the commercial handling of passengers and cargo

What is latitude and longitude and where is Seletar Airport? (answered)
Geographic latitude: NORTHERN 1° 25' 1.99" (display in decimal number system 1.4172200)
Geographic longitude: EASTERN 103° 51' 56.99" (display in decimal number system 103.8658300)
Elevation (above sea level): 0 meters
Population: 0
Digit terrain model: 13
Time zone: Asia/Singapore
International names: Seletar Airport

Seletar Airport Postal number:
Country: Singapore

Names that can be found on the Internet:
Aéroport Seletar de Singapour [ French, ]
Seletar Airport [ English, ]
WSSL [ English, ]
XSP [ English, ]
فرودگاه سلتر [ Persian, ]
セレター空港 [ Japanese, ]
實里達機場 [ Yue Chinese, Chinese, ]

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