City Hall Singapore in Singapore

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What is City Hall (Singapore), Mairie de Singapore, Municipal Building, Rathaus Singapur, Singapore City Hall, nakara mantapam (cinkappur), zheng fu da sha (xin jia po), நகர மண்டபம் (சிங்கப்பூர்), 政府大厦(新加坡)?
Answer: City Hall Singapore is administrative facility (spot, building, farm), a government building

What is latitude and longitude and where is City Hall Singapore? (answered)
Geographic latitude: NORTHERN 1° 17' 26.02" (display in decimal number system 1.2905600)
Geographic longitude: EASTERN 103° 51' 7.2" (display in decimal number system 103.8520000)
Elevation (above sea level): 0 meters
Population: 0
Digit terrain model: 19
Time zone: Asia/Singapore
International names: City Hall Singapore

City Hall Singapore Postal number:
Country: Singapore

Names that can be found on the Internet:
Mairie de Singapore [ French, ]
Rathaus Singapur [ German, ]
Singapore City Hall [ English, ]